Thursday, March 19, 2009

Not A Kit (Yet)

Pretty amazing stuff: that I finished this just because.

No deadline, no ulterior motive (OK, that's a lie, this is a prototype that I might develop into a class or a kit or instructions or something, but this exact piece is just an experiment in what-if), just a piece I started and wanted to finish.

I love the new permanent (and I hope they really are) galvanized seed beads, because I now have nice, shiny bright metallics that are excellent accents. Not that I don't love the bronzey, sludgey metallics that are already in my stash, but they good ones are really expensive, especially the ones that look like the kind of metal from which you'd make actual jewellery.

They still need to come up with a really coppery copper though.

I'll need to show you my knitting soon, because it's fun.

1 comment:

Amy said...

very cool! I can imagine this is autumnal reds/ the maple leaf.