Monday, March 9, 2009

Force of Nature

No, not me, not even slightly.

Blew my neighbour's tree right down. I think they must be away, as it happened yesterday morning, and the tree was still there when I got home from work today. Guess I'd rather come back from vacation to a tree on my roof than have it fall on the kids in bed.

Ideally though, neither.

The tree must have been slowly dying, since the earth below is undisturbed, and there's scant evidence of roots, a clean break. Bet my kids and I could have leaned against it to topple it, not that the wind wasn't intense or anything, just that it probably didn't take all that much.

I've been all nose to the grindstone (with an hour off for Chuck - I have a thing for cute young nerdy guys with dark wavy hair) working on this.

It's most of the front of a necklace, and I'm determined to have five kits for this on Thursday at Meet the Teachers at Bead Fest Santa Fe, provided that:
  1. There are no accidents on the way to the airport.
  2. My flight isn't delayed.
  3. My luggage doesn't get lost.
  4. There are no accidents from Albuquerque to Santa Fe.
  5. There isn't a huge line to check in at the hotel.
  6. The room for Meet the Teachers isn't impossible to find.
  7. They don't suddenly decide to make it even earlier, even closer to the last minute.
Not that I dwell on this sort of stuff mind you, but it's good to be prepared, don't you think?

Speaking of which, I am just so prepared for tomorrow's class. I was prepared yesterday, and actually, I was prepared by the time I went to bed on Saturday night. Now just watch me realise as we get started that I've omitted something critical from the instructions...

It could happen. Hasn't so far, but it could.

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