Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oh Look, More Yarn

Even though I bought absolutely nothing in the way of fiber (my lunch, I'm ashamed to admit, was French fries - I'm on vacation, after all) at Stitches, I am staying with Nancy and Adriana, who are of the tribe (and by that I mean that they're fiber people) and Nancy, because of the business, naturally has a stash to die/dye for, and so forced some yarn on me. I was weak, I could not say no.

The picture is a little nasty because I came here on vacation without my camera (ok, not so bright, but there you go) and all I have is the camera built into my iBook. On the left is some yarn that someone gave her for the machine knitters guild, which we picked through before passing it on (a wool blend less pink and warmer than it appears) and on the right some angora which Nancy happened to have dyed in My Colours.

Because this is a House of Fiber, swifts and ball-winders are readily available:

And even though I did bring two knitting projects with me (both sweaters, one almost halfway done, the other requiring a rethink due to yarn grist mismatch), neither of which is anything even beginning to approach finished, I have to make gloves.

You can't argue with imperatives.

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