Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bead, Bath and Not So Much Beyond

I painted the vanity in the second bathroom a few weeks ago, but just this last week I finally installed the tip-out drawer in front of the sink (which you can see through the gap).

It was utterly unnecessary, but no other sink in my house lends itself to the installation, and I'm so taken with the idea that I just had to. 

I can with fair certainty say I'll likely never do it again myself because it was one of the most awkward things I've ever done: you really need to install it from INSIDE the cabinet (or perhaps with the sink removed) because the screws which attach the false drawer front to the hinge have to point towards you, and I don't know about you, but I much prefer to be inserting screws that point away from you in large point because of the way my upper limbs are jointed. But I don't know, you could be different.
But - nifty, huh?

I think I've had a vague idea for a similar pendant for years, but never quite managed to make it crystallise (sorry, pun not intended, but actually I'm not sorry) until now. I once bought a kilo of mosaic turquoise go-go beads (an oval pendant with the hole to one end like this one) because of a kit I was absolutely going to make but which never worked out.
 It took around half-a-dozen attempts to get the bead counts of the zig-zag bits correct though which was especially annoying as I only have this one pendant so it wasn't as though I could fail and look at what I did wrong as I worked on the next one.

The picture's a little awful though.

And speaking of things working out.
I've once only managed to bezel one of these oval rivolis without immediately cutting it up, and while I guess this is pretty plain (so far, this is only version 1.0), I like the way the small beads frame and mirror the oval shape of the rivoli.

Like I always say, there's nothing like an upcoming deadline to get those creative juices flowing, even though it's been moved out a couple of weeks. That just means I'll be able to work on subsequent - and preferably better - versions of these last two pendants.

I don't mind at all.

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amyfibre said...

Oooh! Really like the bottom oval pendant. I can see it with the same bottom drops + embellishment around the outside. Or no embellishment and a simpler drop at the bottom. Lovely!