Saturday, December 20, 2014

So Close

The bathroom would be essentially done by Wednesday evening, Thursday morning at the latest.

They assured me.

Then they called to say that there had been a setback: one of the shower doors shattered as they took it out of the box.
 So I have a crappy shower curtain on a tension rod until the door can be delivered. Which could be as long as two weeks. Or more - they originally took five weeks and I'm thinking slow and steady led to a cracked door so glacial might not be the best way.

The tiles on the shower well are pretty too, aren't they? Tiny little grey squares, all at a slightly different level, all a slightly different tone.
But I've been sleeping in my own bed since Thursday and it's glorious, let me tell you.

The bathroom? No mould, that's for sure, and it looks better than before and it does the job. Apart from the couple of things I wanted that they absolutely would not could not do unless I paid a boatload extra, it's ok. I'm glad I didn't pay a boatload extra because their attention to detail is, well, inattentive. Edges and corners and joins are not as neat and straight and perfect as I'd like but hey, I couldn't do it myself so I guess it'll do and overall I'm happy.

Remember these?
The cabinets finally got stripped all the way down, new tray guides added, painted, joined, wheels replaced and trays inserted to the point that they're usable though the doors are still not on. Or even finished. But at last my beaded jewellery isn't compacted into an overflowing very much smaller space. Realistically though it's only a matter of time until this is filled too.
 This isn't quite done and I either need to order some low trays or else move some of the guides so that I can use the tall trays that won't fit in the short spaces.
 I came across a picture from 1978 (I'm the one on the left).

When you're eighteen you'll live forever, always be healthy, never have responsibilities, and always be facing a future where there's always time for any plan you might make or goal you might have. You can't imagine that the bonds you make could last through decades and thousands of miles, marriages and divorces, children's births and parents deaths, not quite the same, not so entangled, but still special.

I wonder if the magic of being that young is the lack of awareness of just how enchanted the moment is.

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