Thursday, December 11, 2014

Better Now

I'm not sure what they did yesterday. Some vague odds and ends concerning drywall I think.
 But today when I came home, there were glass shelves!

The tiles are really not as pink as they appear - I think it's the red stuff reflecting off them. Or on them. The actual colour is more of a warm grey - not towards beige, but more towards purple, sort of looking at purple in the distance rather than coming anywhere in purple's actual vicinity.


Definitely grey.
 And a lip that won't contrast with the floor (which in the picture is covered with some brown stuff).

I needed that.

I was already irritable and then someone had the bright idea to blast Christmas music at work. It's bad enough being subjected to it any time you want to buy something for the last two months of every year, but hearing it at work is as close to a hostile environment as I've been in since I worked for the company that did library software which had the worst company culture I've ever experienced.
The bathroom though? Coming along nicely.

 In the beadwork realm I found a stabilizing edging that I like so even though I'm too tired to actually finish the piece (and I may not like those colours together and if I don't, I should in fact not finish it) I feel better about the whole thing.
Although I think what you see is not the whole thing but merely a component though we'll see how that one turns out.


Lynn said...

I need you to come rework my bathroom, now that you have so much experience. You can rifle through my stash while you're waiting on the workman (very few beads, though - sorry!).

Charlene said...

I'm thinking NOT! But thanks for the vote of confidence and the promise of a bribe...