Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Small Step Then a Giant Leap

I'm not sure exactly what I did all of Sunday but it involved uncountably many trips up and down the stairs.
 This was such a fun project which turned out better than expected.

I gathered three frames and some random wooden shapes. Flat things and a hinged box and a miniature birdhouse. I spray-painted everything shiny metallic gold.

Snagged a bunch of paint chips from Home Despot and glued them (inexpertly; there's rippling) to the what's-what in the largest frame.

Glued the gold things to the paint chips.

No picture but I glued a sprinkling of beads from the box of beads that happens when I'm too lazy to sort out beads that have fallen down/mixed themselves up but too cheap to throw them away into the hinged box. I need to make sure that the beads that didn't get glued get disposed of because otherwise you KNOW that the box will be opened immediately after the vacuum cleaner has been put away and there will be enough seed beads on the floor to be annoying and gritty if barely visible.
 I realised that I didn't have a decent picture of the lamps lit, so now I do. I'm rather fond of the effect. I might think about pendant lighting in the same style.
 I made another pillow. With a rather sloppy flange, but I suppose it's effective? Good enough anyway.

 On Monday I started the Countdown Planning/Worrying in earnest because Things Are Closer Than They Appear.
After work on Monday I expected to see major progress, but all that had happened was that the tile on the walls was all on and they'd put the last of the tile on the corner of the bathroom floor where for some lame reason ("once the vanity is in you won't see it") they had previously decided not to bother. I mean, what if I decided I didn't care about storage and just put in a pedestal sink instead? Problematic, that's what.
Shower floor still not tiled.

Window not framed.

So I went and finished a class sample. I have deadlines too you know.

Today after work I thought that some stupid friend of my son's had rudely left his car in the driveway, but instead this very nice young man (no one my son knows) was finishing the grout.
The window is framed and the shower floor is complete and my new vanity top is in and lovely and man it's looking gorgeous even though there's still caulking and some work on the walls that needs to happen.
I bought a funky new brushed nickel register rather than bothering with the old one and paint because I'm beginning to have had enough of painting.


I'm feeling quite a bit more confident about the whole notion of completion. The plumber will be here tomorrow to connect up the sink, re-install the toilet and install the shower fixtures. After that all that remains is the shower doors, the baseboards and perhaps some touch-up painting.

It just might be OK.

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