Saturday, May 10, 2014

Samples and Flowers and Mugs Oh My

I finished this sample sometime during the week; I can't remember exactly when as it's been one of Those Weeks. At least as far as work goes, and that sort of bleeds over into everything else.
 It looks a little odd laid down flat but much better on an actual neck.

Tomorrow is Mothers' Day and the kids and I decided that being anywhere in public on Mothers' Day is a bit torturous, so we did togetherness today.

They gave me flowers.

 They took me out for brunch.

They even came with me to the art fair, where I bought what is becoming my annual pre-birthday gift to myself: a lovely ceramic mug with this crazy awesome glaze that crystallizes into patterns a bit like gingko leaves. The newest is in the front and is much more interesting and prettier than it would appear below. (Insert the usual excuse regarding my substandard photography skills).
I did finish another sample though.
This particular class doesn't have tons of sign-ups and while I do have supplies for one alternative colour-way which I will make since it's not the most horrendously long project in the world, I'm a little torn as to whether I need another - not because I don't want a third alternative, but because since the explosion of Czech-mates two-hole beads, one-hole lentils are less available than I'd like, and where I can find them, prices are rather higher than the price I estimated for the Bead&Button class kits so there's a touch less incentive to make a kit which doesn't help the bottom line much at all.

But I hate to have just two colour-ways.

I guess I resolved that, didn't I?

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