Saturday, May 3, 2014

An Actual New Something

I mean, it's nothing huge or impressive, but in terms of creativity I seem to be in a bit of an enforced dry spell, so new and moderately successful is pretty exciting to me.
 So exciting in fact that I'll show you another view too.
Not that it helps much, does it? Anyway, it's a sort of a slider pendant thing and you can put the chain through the centre as shown in the top picture, or just through a single loop.

I might just make a five- or six-armed one of these and see what happens. I'll be able to string it as an actual pendant, for one. Stay tuned.
And then a third colour-way for the Triangle Slide.

I'm starting to panic, by the way.

In just four weeks I'll be packing up my car for Bead&Button and I have a gazillion samples to stitch and about three times that many kits to pack. I guess as long as I have all the necessary supplies, I can assemble them when I get there since once again, my teaching schedule isn't very efficient. Actually this year it's even more advantageous to the hotel than last year since I have a couple of days right in the middle of my stay when I have absolutely no reason to be there (except the seven-hour drive, otherwise I'd just go home again).

So I guess it really does make more sense to pack kits there than to waste time doing it here.

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