Sunday, May 18, 2014

Busy Actually

It's probably not fair to compare the past week with a hamster on a wheel, but since I seem to have left everything to the last minute, it's felt like it although in all fairness I can't claim no accomplishments at all.

Bead & Button is CLOSE!
 I worked on colour-ways for kits.
Some just didn't come easily - I generated an inordinate amount of wiggly thread. Piles and piles of cutting up, the worst kind of cutting up: cubic right angle weave, the cutting up of which generates excessively short pieces of thread, just about too short to extract from beads, so it's very very messy.

The truth is that when it comes to colour I'd do better to stick with where my heart lies: in the deep, dark, murkiness where colours are deep and complex and differences are subtle.

Then there's packing kits.
 I also generated a ton of empty tubes from seed beads.
This is what a pile of teaching kits looks like.

Each kit for each class and each colour-way is in it's own baggie with notes on whether they are complete, and if not, what's missing, from how many kits, what the seed bead colour number is, how much per kit, and what its label should be. Just this evening I had a labelling crisis: I labelled the two size eleven seed bead colours "MC" and "AC" where the instructions labelled them 11ºA and 11ºB - fortunately printing the instructions is the last thing I do so yay for global replace.

And I haven't quite gotten to the kits that aren't teaching kits. Like I said, I seemed to have left everything to the last minute, including things like cat sitters (just sorted this evening).

None of this is terribly good for the pain in the hands situation, but then again, nothing is besides literally doing nothing at all, and I don't know how to do nothing. I'm about as good at doing nothing as I am at sports, both participation as well as observation.

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