Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Moving Along

It seems like nothing has been happening in terms of Things I've Been Making and Finishing since it's been more like Things I've Been Starting and Then Cutting Up, but actually, there has been some progress.
 Super-simple chain, but with judicious colour choice and arrangement of the repeat, kinda pretty actually.
 And I have more ideas - it could prove quite versatile if I'm as creative as I'd like to be.

Of course there's bee kumihimo which is fast and fun, except until there are ends to finish. That part I love less, which is funny in a way since it's my regular kind of beading (which is to say bead-stitching or bead-weaving) but it feels akin to darning (as in socks; I have an old, old pile with holes) which I tend to put off.
 This green one was the last of these fabulous stone pendants I picked up at some bead show from an unremembered vendor but now I wish I had more since they work so well on the kumihimo ropes.
On the other hand, these borosilicate beads really juice me. I'm keeping this one (the only piece of the latest carpal tunnel-induced batch of kumihimo ropes I've grabbed for myself).

Unfortunately it seems I have to take it easy with the beads as well. Too much and my hands hurt the next day. I wish I had faster feedback.

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