Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Four Days

I love the beginning of a four-day stretch of No Work, and I love it even better when I can start it with something I've made.
 Or better yet, two somethings I've made.

It sets the tone in a way. There are projects on my ever-growing to-do list that may not actually take a full four days (or even close), but that are well, sort of annoying in that I hate to waste an entire weekend on them, so if I have twice a weekend, I have the fortitude to tackle them.

Like the first time I covered a sofa. I guess I was on the daunted side though it ended up not taking very long at all. A day maybe, and then I had three more days to do what I wanted, not what needed to get done.

The kumihimo necklaces do pile up though, waiting for clasps. There are three more right behind the orange one above.
What the photo of this little pendant doesn't show is that even though it's sort of flat, it has a very pleasingly raised midsection. I think it's not final, though I really love the colours of the beads together.

There's something off about the clusters of daggers that's out of balance. I'll need to work on that somehow.

I do have four days after all.

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