Friday, November 29, 2013

In Progress

It was one of those days. I didn't finish anything.
 I started another kumihimo necklace.
 I worked on instructions for the next class. My usual pattern is to take copious (or some) pictures as I make the class sample so that by the time I have to write the instructions I don't have to figure it out from scratch again.


Apparently I neglected that part of the documentation for this design. At least I started with plenty of time to spare.
Did a bit of sewing.  That's going to be a light-to-medium coat. I was hoping to find a super-cool fabric for the lining, but all the solids (except black) were either too garish or the wrong shade of green, and all the patterned fabrics were too pale or too twee. Black and shiny it is.

Also in progress but not pictured: a skirt.

[Planned? A shirt using fabric I originally bought to make a dress for my daughter when she was about five. She's now twenty-three and (a) there's not enough fabric for s dress for her and (b) I'm pretty sure she'd hate the colour. Also a summer dress for my next vacation and a cushion cover or three. Perhaps another dress because actually I have plenty of fabric and I really should finish that skirt I started <mumble> years ago, but I think I'm getting ahead of myself.]

If I don't finish both this weekend, they're likely to languish for years. That's the pattern unfortunately, so it means that whatever else I have planned for the weekend (among other things: Dexter, season three) I must make time for sewing. I'm pretty motivated, so it shouldn't be a problem.

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