Sunday, April 14, 2013


I'm almost done with the last sample for Trivoli at Bead & Button, but not done enough to photograph it.

I started on An Idea for a pendant or link which might have been a Good Idea but I only got half done.

I started on Another Idea for a bracelet which might be usable but not terribly exciting and did not come close to getting done.
 At least I actually completed two samples for Tuesday's class.
Small miracles.

Speaking of which, I've had no elbow pain since I cut out Bejeweled. Cause and effect. It's a wonderful thing.


Sara said...

Ack! No Bejeweled? Hmmm. Maybe I too would get more done?

Charlene said...

Yes. It's very, very sad, but a LOT better than being told to not knit. Even for three weeks.