Monday, March 4, 2013

I Didn't Stop

Usually I blog at the end of the day when I think I won't get anything more done, except yesterday I just carried on and did more.

You know how I always talk about knitting but then never post pictures so I might as well be lying?
 See, I'm not. I'm loving the way this handspun is knitting up. Each ply is from a different happily coordinating handpaint, the perfect thing to do with the small lots I always end up buying.
I'd made a pendant similar to this a couple of weeks ago, but it was sort of complicated to join the intter part to the outer frame. I'm not sure why I was making it so complicated, because there's an incredibly easy way to do the join as it turns out. Now I'm thinking more, more, more.

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LUCY said...

Hermosos trabajos....Felicidades