Sunday, March 3, 2013

All The Same

The Best Thing Ever is making new and successful things (as opposed to new and unsuccessful things which are ultimately just a pile of beads and a pile of squiggly short bits of thread), but among the next tier of Pretty Decent Things is making things again and remembering to photograph the steps, and getting a lot done.

Like today.
 Spike pendant, twice, plus photographs and part of the instructions.
 Two sliders, once and twice respectively, photographs, one set of instructions.
 Burst pendant variations, with photographs, no instructions (I was getting a little weary).
Petit Chou-Fleur (thanks, Amy. I'll see cauliflower with every variation) with photos.

I spent all day yesterday working on a New Thing which turned out to be a Bad Thing and ultimately a Failed Thing sitting next to my task light, taunting me with its awfulness.

Last week I suddenly and quickly finished a cardigan I'd started what seems like five years ago but was in fact November or so. It's one of these things which you can knit almost entirely on short doublepointed needles, essentially consisting of strips of knitted joined one to the last, and I guess the last few strips were the shortest and so while it seemed as if I ought to have months of knitting ahead of me, suddenly all I needed to do were the button bands.

I had a panicky hour or so when I couldn't find Denny's buttons which turned out to have been stashed very carefully and thoughtfully in the same bag as the yarns that I was using for the sweater (I didn't plan which colour went where; I picked the next according to the way I felt at the time that a choice had to be made. I think it worked out OK).

It fits excellently and I've worn it twice already.

No, before you ask, I don't generally take four months to knit a cardigan. You may recall (or not, since pictures were practically non-existant) that these four months also contained two pairs of socks and three pairs of mittens which yes I know isn't a massive amount, but it interrupts the, um, flow.

In more exciting news (depending on your point of view; this is mine) I was interviewed for the Bead-Perles blog; the interview was published on Wednesday.

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BorysBrytva said...

Beautiful pendants!