Sunday, March 24, 2013

As I Should

It's less than two and a half months until Bead & Button and I haven't completed all the preparations and it's beginning to make me anxious, so I settled down to it.

Along the way I needed a break so I whipped up a pendant with matching earrings which it turns out do not photograph well against a white background.
 I now have all my Dolce samples done, though the kits aren't yet packed.
 I also have three out of four Trivoli samples done.
 Grey works much better as a background.
I'm completely caught up with Downton Abbey, which means that I no longer have to cover my ears and sing (badly and loudly; the former is out of my control but the latter id deliberate) when people start talking about it.

Plenty of knitting too, but no pictures. It's just like the last time, only more of it.

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