Monday, July 9, 2012

No End

Over the weekend I explained to my houseguest that I needed to spend time preparing for tomorrow's class, and that I really preferred to get it done over the weekend as I had something I wanted to do the night before (this evening). 

Every time I got up from my beading table, she brightly asked "Are you finished?" to which I mostly answered "No", "Not yet" or some variant, which eventually became "Almost". I might have sort of said "Yes" at one point, but it wasn't the last time I threaded up my needle and poured out a few piles of beads.

The truth is that while I may complete a specific task, I'm never at the point where I'm so finished that I should just go shopping or get a manicure, because right around the corner there's the next four months of classes for which I need eight two-hour sessions worth of classes, or a guild that wants a beading intensive weekend, or a show that I'd love to travel to, erm, teach at.
 There is for all practical intents, no end, quite apart from the fact that I really like it, and I have more ideas bursting out of my head than my fingers or the free hours in a day can accommodate, so that every time I trim that last thread and take a few pictures, I can turn around and start on the next hare-brained bright idea.

Like this little beaded bead, all mildly successful variants of which are in the necklace below.
I preferred 4mm fire-polished beads over size 6º seed beads, small magatamas over farfalle and size 11ºs and those funny little glass bell flower beads fit so nicely in the rather large holes at each end, don't they and oh I wonder if I could modify what I did to make a chain?

More importantly (at 10:48 when the alarm goes off in seven hours and twelve minutes and I'm not even close to unconscious) I wonder when I'll have a free half an hour to try it out?

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