Sunday, July 8, 2012

Colour. Love

Class sample for Tuesday's class, Cru.
It all starts with the lentil beads, in this case vitrail which is a finish rather than a colour, an applied coating on one side of the lentil with iridescent flashes of green and magenta.

Already, what's not to like?

My first try used too much magenta, not enough green, too dull, and it plodded while I made little acorns instead yesterday. Actually the first iteration used different lentils altogether, and that combination bored me beyond tears, to almost screaming. Vitrail was better aligned with me somehow.

I tried four different shades of metallic gold as the accent, and didn't remove any of the losing candidates. The first is the dullest, and sits at about five o'clock. I then tried the acid gold that I stuck with, but remained unconvinced that it was The Best, so I also tried a more traditional yellow gold (at around nine-thirty), as well as a more golden gold which you can see at about eleven-thirty.

I also briefly tried an alternative to the dark dull burgundy that you really can't see except where I changed it for a mauve near seven-thirty.

Even though the entire chain is little more than cubic right angle weave, every unit changes in either the bead counts or the bead colours, so it's not entirely dull and not utterly onerous. And I really like the chain. It's light and fluid and textured and feels like small burgeoning life. Spring and pre-teens and kittens and day-old chicks and the first leaves on old oaks.

I know, but it it does.

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