Saturday, July 21, 2012

Back in the Land of the Living

I've been making little beaded beads using (among other things) twin beads until I ran out, so I used other coordinating colours.Then I ran out of the fire-polished beads that gave it so much oomph, so I had to make further adjustments to the colour scheme, until eventually, short of a shopping expedition (which I'm not against mind you) which would involve a Whole Lot More since my favourite beads in the project are from an online vendor, I realized that I needed a focal bead.

Given the amount of time I've spent and the number of transactions involved and the resulting weight of the box where I keep my lampwork beads, not to mention my penchant for certain neighbourhoods in the colour wheel, you'd think I'd have a dozen or two beads that matched perfectly, but in fact there were none, not even beads of the wrong shape or size.
 So I had to make one.
It works quite well, all things considered.

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