Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vot Vos, Vos

So I was at SOAR last week and stuff happened. I spent lovely time with old and new friends and we laughed we cried we drank pink wine we knitted we spun and ate chocolate and nuts and came home again, so that's all in the past.

What was, was.

Or as my dad used to say in a fake Yiddish accent, "Vot Vos, Vos".

I finished the sweater in the air on the way there, so it was able to go in the gallery and was able to be photographed by Ercil who posted it on Facebook whence I stole it. I hope it's OK. If not, there will be a big fat nothing above this paragraph when she makes me take it down.

My cat was annoyed when I got home and she'll be even more annoyed when I get home tomorrow as I'm going to adopt a very young kitten that someone brought in to my vet. She needs a playmate since my son left for college as she's a rather sociable creature and seems to be just too delighted to see me when I get home after work. My daughter's in and out but not often enough for my little furry princess, so she'll get a buddy whether or not she likes him.

Of course I hope she does.

Meanwhile I'm still trying to catch up on sleep while itching ferociously (it's like poison ivy in my brain) to start on EVERY SINGLE inspirational idea I had while there.

All of them.


I want to.

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Laurie said...

I so know what you mean. Too many sparklers being ignited in my brain. It was so good to see you. Don't think I've quite recovered yet from the week.

That sweater (which showed up fine on the blog) was wonderful.