Saturday, October 1, 2011

Two More

It's not as though I've been doing nothing (Drive with Ryan Gosling, mmmm, not nothing), but it's just not quite enough.
I think I'm at about eight or ten now.
This one turned out to be rather time-consuming, but I'm not sure it's necessarily all that elaborate.
I mean, perhaps not elaborate-looking enough for the effort.

And to prove that there's been knitting:
It's not beadwork, so my photos completely suck (as opposed to only sucking slightly), but as you can see, when I took them, there was just a little more raglan shaping to go.
As I write this, I've started picking up the neckband stitches, so I'm well on my way.

Since I'm going to need more than a neckband to keep my knitting fingers busy for the next week (though I suppose I could spin; what a concept: spinning at SOAR), and both pairs of socks are three quarters done (both have a single and a half: one half is a foot while the other half is a cuff), and I didn't entirely like the yarn I dyed for my Australia trip (which I didn't exactly get to), I slightly overdyed it.

Again, super-crappy pictures. The ugliest one is truest, while the ones that are prettier in real life look as though I shouldn't have bothered to show them off.

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