Saturday, October 1, 2011


So I'm still making pendants.
This one makes six.
This makes seven - but wait!
The back? Not quite the same as the others.

These are quite quick to make, not grindingly dull, you can play with colours a bit, but I suppose it was inevitable that I tweak the design.
Pardon the weird colour which looks like a Polaroid taken in the Seventies of Really Bright Colours which sadly (goodbye, family photos) did not survive more than a decade or two - but really it's just a set of pastels that look much better in real life (my photography skills, yadda yadda).
I'm kinda liking this variation thing.

So I'm up to eight, not nearly enough and I leave in (checks time) twenty-ish hours. Damn the need for sleep! I can probably finish the sweater on the plane, but the pendants are less plentiful than I'd like.

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