Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Variations on a Theme

I had made a necklace with these funny little components, and Amy had suggested that alone they might make over-long earrings, so I made an abbreviated version.
Apart from being shades of grey and therefore awkward to photograph, it was an excellent idea, and I like the way they turned out, though my choice of a teardrop bead at the bottom was perhaps less inspired, as they tend to not want to hang straight. Something with a straighter shaft would have been better, like a dagger bead. Probably one of the cute little miniatures.

The pendant however, does not incite me to second-guess myself.

I'd had the idea for a pendant using one of these components for a while, which turned out exactly as I'd anticipated. I think it could easily be adjusted to accommodate big-bottomed teardrop pendants too - in fact that had been my initial vision, but somehow I was seduced by the shiny.

It happens.


Michelle said...

I LOVE the pendant. Simple and stunning.

Halinka said...

Nice design of earrings.Only to get rid of metal adds and would be really exciting :-))) lol
The pendant reminds me something I saw at Marcia Decoster's.It is really wonderful.Very elegant,should be worn to the evening dress.

amyfibre said...

I'd wear the earring with the long crystal from the pendant. Or at least I think so, if I'm imagining things in the right scale. I do love long earrings!

Charlene said...

The pendant is about three and a half inches long. How far from your earlobes to your shoulders??