Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Instead of Sleeping

Had a great time teaching my Boxes Chain this evening, and even though I really shouldn't have missed an opportunity for un-kitten-interrupted sleep (she's overnighting at the vet; recovering from her much-needed spaying), I was sure I could adjust the pendant for a rivoli.

Yes indeedy, and I barely had a false start.

Using a 14mm rivoli, the frame lies pretty flat, whereas without a rivoli, and only five units around, it's quite domed. This could definitely be scaled up for somewhat bigger rivolis (there ought to be a better plural; rivoli already sounds like a multiple), but that would require smaller beads (the biggest beads are 8mm in all the pendants I've made in this style). Smaller than 8mm and there may be too much air in the frame, too much space and not enough busy beading filling it up.

I'll have to try that another time when sleep isn't in quite such short supply. Like when I'm ten years younger again and twenty pounds lighter, in that dream.


Gypsy said...

I like the ladder-stitched 8s for the base- a new look that allows for even MORE embellishment! Great look.

Charlene said...

Thanks! But umm, there are no ladder-stitched anythings in the pendant, so I'm not sure what you mean!

Gypsy said...

Oh, I thought the larger beads (8s?) were laddered around the rivoli- my BAD! See why we need to buy the pattern???

Gypsy said...

So the beads closest to the rivoli are some sort of window rounds??? I need to get better glasses LOL!

Charlene said...

Yeah, I snagged these window beads when I saw them, and haven't seem them before or since. They're that stone-look finish, and then three facets have been ground down to the transparent teal/aqua. And they jast happened to align themselves so nicely around the rivoli.

I'd love to find more of them!