Sunday, February 8, 2009


I'm a serious optimist in that I invariably overestimate what I can get done in any given time period, though generally if I make a schedule, I can keep it.

One year, with less than two months to go before SOAR, I realized that I had not completed anything handspun for the gallery, so I decided that since there was so little time left, I should knit an intarsia tunic sweater using 3.25 mm needles. My datebook had milestones marked every week ("First sleeve finished", "Halfway up body" - I prefer to knit in the round, and so on). 

I actually made it.

So this weekend, I was due to finish the instructions for Tuesday's class (check), pack kits for my second Bead Fest class (not even slightly), order beads for all the kits I'll be bringing with me (yeah no I didn't do that either).
Pattern should be available after Tuesday.

I sorta kinda hoped I might get started on the instructions for my class two Tuesdays after this one, and perhaps kit it up, maybe.
That one I actually did, though only the colourway above. I surprised myself.

However, I did get in some good knitting time.
My jacket will be more of a gentle a-line as opposed to a hugely flared affair, since I suffer from The Spinners' Fear of not having enough yarn, even though I have a full three pounds and rarely use more than a pound for a sweater, but still.

Notice all the different cables? Fun, huh?

It's certainly keeping me entertained, and I'm only up to about the waist, which is good, because that gives me plenty of time to consider buttonholes.

My plan was to cleverly hide the buttonholes (just two or three probably, just in the yoke area) in the front cables, but each cable is less than an inch tall, which means that humungo beaded buttons won't fit through them, so I need an alternate plan: either compromise on button size or shape (I could bead toggle buttons) or elongate the cables that form the buttonholes, which puts paid to the whole idea of invisibility and/or unobtrusiveness.

I still have time.

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I still have time......ha.

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