Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Said I Would, I Think

I'm pretty sure I said I'd make this pattern available once I'd taught the class, which I have (I had four newbies who all learned something new), so I am.
This is how I described the kits for this bracelet that I'm selling in my Etsy Store:

Don't you hate it when you sit down to bead a project, and look forward to spending time with it, enjoying every stitch, but then it's finished much too quickly? You just want to have fun, but not have to do rocket science? This project is perfect!

Use cube seed beads and fire-polished beads to make the bracelet base, and then add full fringes along both edges, adding a variety of accent beads at random, making the fringes random lengths, for a lush, swishy, bracelet extravaganza.

There are no advanced techniques, just simple flat even count peyote and fringing, but because of the variety and quantity of accent and seed beads used for the fringes, this will give you quite a few hours of pleasure - both in the making as well as the wearing!

Each step is photographed and described in detail in full colour, showing the progression of the actual project using the same beads as you will receive.

I've made three of them so far, and I do like the way they turn out. I'd love to see one in rich metallic golds and coppers and bronzes, or perhaps a lovely monochromatic greyed spread.

You can use pretty much any accent beads, as long as they're not too much bigger than 6mm or so - unless they're daggers which are larger but fairly lightweight. Pearls work well too, and I'd bet those lovely little silver Hill Tribe or Bali-style beads would look fabulous too.

Bling Fling Bracelet Pattern: $5 for PDF emailed to you

4mm Japanese cube beads
4mm Czech fire-polished faceted beads
Size 11 Czech or Japanese seed beads (true-cuts would be gorgeous too)
An assortment of accent beads in different sizes and shapes, approximately 4mm to 6mm
Button (with shank)
Beading needle
Favourite beading thread

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