Friday, February 20, 2009

Getting Things Done

A week and a half ago, when I taught a class to make this:
I started making this sample for next week's class:
But then last weekend I was side-tracked by the need to pack kits
and so I only managed to finish the sample about half an hour ago. I hate it when quick and easy projects stretch into days and then weeks, or three half-weeks, or at least longer than I anticipate.

Not that I don't enjoy a protracted period of beading on a single project, but then I expect it to be complex, containing multiple parts and techniques, not a simple peyote strip with fringe.

But yes, at least it's done and I can, oh, pack more kits.

I'm surprised that my credit card company didn't flood my answering machine with anxious messages about a cluster of charges, since last weekend was an orgy of online bead acquisition. Of beads I needed. For kits.

I think my Santa Fe trip is falling into place, since the instructions for both classes are complete, my hotel booking is sorted out (a long and boring story), I have a handle on the kits I plan to bring with me (both for the classes as well as for the Meet the Teachers reception), and I'm pretty sure of what I'll bring with me for travel knitting. Importance on a par with class instructions for my peace of mind, though I'll probably limit it to one. One knitting project. I think I can live with that.

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