Thursday, January 1, 2009

Shameless Commerce - The Beginning

Encouraged and advised by people I trust, I have managed to overcome my reluctance to engage in wholesale (but I don't mean wholesale as in not retail) Shameless Commerce by offering patterns for download here from my blog. 

I sell kits at Buy The Kit and from my Etsy Shop, and I have sold patterns to people who have written to ask me, but until now I have not offered them in a shopping cart kind of way. My plan is to offer patterns for sale as PDF files which I will email to you. I will most likely send you the pattern the day I receive your request and payment, but unless it's a weekend day, it will not be until the evening since I will be at work unless I get laid off. Let's hope not. 

Here's the first: Nubbles.
The texture on this deceptively simple rope is utterly captivating.  Using seed beads of different sizes and shapes in complementary finishes in a monochromatic palette makes a sophisticated, subtle statement.  I tend to monochrome, but I think contrasts could be awesome.

The shape of the closure echoes the shape of the triangle seed beads for a well-integrated look.

Nubbles Pattern: $10 for PDF download

Materials needed:
   [Preferably] Japanese size 11 seed beads
   Size 5 triangle beads
   Size 10 needle (I like John James)
   Your favourite beading thread
I have also used this rope in other projects (instructions not included) shown below.

Here I added 4x6 drop beads and little seed bead picots to add even more texture to the rope which is merely a backdrop for this Lori Lochner bead. I also embellished the clasp with fire-polished beads and picots. I wasn't checking the pattern as I made it, and it's a really tight fit (too tight) but luckily the necklace is long enough that I can just slip it over my head.

In this necklace, I made a section of rope using only size 11 seed beads, and slid on a large-hole lampwork bead by Beau Barrett. I have more of his beads than I probably deserve, but I'm weak. This should not be a surprise unless you are a first-time reader. I've asserted it at least once before, most likely more.


Denny likes to rock the party said...

Happy New Year pet. I hope you and yours well.

We just got back from a holiday In Quebec. My french still sucks though. I hope I get to see this year at our Oct. swill party.

I'm weaving a lot these days. It's eating through the stash. kiss kiss. love Dennyx000

Charlene said...

I've been thinking about you lately as I wear the scarf you made me. Happy New Year to you too - and oh yeah most definitely I plan on being at the annual swillfest!

Amy said...

Good for you!

Fun day yesterday...and yummy as always.

Charlene said...

And thanks for the great idea!