Saturday, January 17, 2009

Actual Stuff, Not Just Fluff

I know, twice in one day. Shocking.
But I've been busy with my hands, not just stewing. I have another thingie like the one above, but with a darker centre. I think they'll be pendants on necklaces, but I just wanted to make them because they come together so nicely and quickly. The large round beads were sold as red aventurine, or perhaps peach, but they're barely tinged with warmth. Still a pretty colour, but less of it than I'd hoped for.

I know I showed you this stone last weekend.
The bezel isn't quite finished, as I can't convince myself that it's actually perfectly secure in the front.
The back won't let anything escape though, I'm pretty sure.

I used a tube of four-sided right-angle-weave to form the initial bezel frame, and then added two rows of right-angle-weave for the back, and so far just one for the front. I might have to get creative with a scalloped edging, or perhaps a couple of carefully-carelessly placed pearls and crystals across the front to hold it closed. You can already see a couple of the lovely little copper-lined droplets holding the pale end closed.
The necklace part of it will consist of leafy shapes like these two above joined together semi-randomly, and possibly a few open marquise shapes echoing the bezel. It's a little slow-going though, especially because much of my effort seems to be prototyping, or figuring out what to do by doing the opposite, much along the lines of two steps forward, one step back, which is better than negative progress, though not what I was aiming for: Beadwork At The Speed Of LIght. And then there's, y'know, the work week that's the real time-suck.

I should take pictures of my knitting, as there's Real Progress.

I have two sleeves, each with a different cable (of course) that extends to form the saddle shoulder, as well as about half of the bottom band/hem of the jacket. 

At some point I'll have to stop cabling willy-nilly and actually figure out how many stitches I want for each panel (three for each front, six for the back, all the same width) and how that corresponds to the pick-up rate along the bottom band, which will of course determine how long to make it. I'm not quite at that point yet, but if history is any indicator, suddenly I will be completely unprepared, and have the knitting grind to a halt as I madly measure and calculate, or procrastinate and work on socks instead, but I'd really rather keep the momentum so that it's finished in time for me to complete another sweater that will be finished while the weather is still cold enough to wear it this season.


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