Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rewards for Good Behaviour

I think self-indulgence is totally warranted as a reward for self discipline and attention to duty.

I've been diligent and hardworking, making a sample as I write instructions for one of my Bead Fest classes. Lots of leaves. More than the eye can see - this is only the beginning.
I was forced to take a break/check whether the new seed beads arrived at the bead store/see whether 50% off gemstones could tempt me.

Blue tiger eye, a half strand of huge beads with crazy wild chatoyance.  To get back in the dutiful beading groove (instructions, sample), I made a couple of beaded beads - I just happened to have matching beads. Surprise. I usually have matching beads.

And then I dreamed of big fat beaded bead caps, and tried a few until I'd got it.
I know what I want to do, which of course wars with what I should do. Beading-wise. Life-wise, I should get to sleep earlier instead of obsessing about blue fire and gold fire.


Amy said...

oh, YUM!

denny said...

once again, brilliant.

Or the new word my young says......