Saturday, December 6, 2008

Wouldn't You Know It

The hem hexagons, a full four stitches extra per side, which gives them 6 x 4 = 24 more stitches in their starting round than the waistband hexagons, and which take about as long as an inch of stalagmite to complete, are overkill when it comes to the length of the skirt.
Those three pink and orange hexagons, bravely hanging off the round of seventeen-per hexagons, are superfluous. Unnecessary. Redundant.

They must go.
There's really not a lot to be done with the last of the hexagons in the pink-and-purple round though, as I completely ran out of purple. This was how I chose to improvise, as I was too lazy ^H^H^H^H eager to be done to take the time to attempt to dye some of the cream or pink yarn a vaguely matching shade of purple. 

I'll call it an Area Of Interest. My Unique Touch.


The waistband is not quite done, and the bottom of the skirt (apart from the excision of those three hexagons) still requires a border, so I'd better get cracking on the design (which will be planned before I start, considerably more so than this skirt was) for the next project. There are cables to be chosen and charted, stitch counts, decrease rates and buttonhole bands to be decided upon.

Instead, I used my free time to see how well my new favourite stitch works in seed beads to bezel a cabochon.

Not bad, actually. Tiger iron is marvellous stuff, such a wealth of colour.


Laurie said...

Hmmm. Border. I"m actually glad to see those hexes go bye bye.

Charlene said...

Yeah, no kidding!