Friday, December 26, 2008

Oh Yeah

I got sucked into a House marathon on USA, and my rule about TV is that my hands have to be knitting, and so as you can see, I was so right about Hypnosis.
Janel's pattern had you work the motif over 30 stitches for a 60-stitch sock, which doesn't work for me with the sock yarns I tend to buy: I invariably (as in I can't remember if ever I have not) use 72 stitches for my socks. As it turns out, all I had to do was to add an extra purl into each section, and do another set of increase/decrease pairs, and I was golden.

Right now, I can't decide whether to stop here, where the stitches on my needle read (k1tbl, p2) around, and work a heel using this repeat (it would be pretty), or complete the pattern and work the heel over (k1tbl, p4) or work another half repeat to end once again at (k1tbl, p2) but rotated ninety degrees. Or not. 

It's still fractionally shorter than I usually make my cuffs (but I don't have rules about cuffs), but on the other hand, ribbbing always uses more yardage than not, but on the other other hand I can always get more, and it's not that expensive.

Meanwhile, I should probably get on with the class samples, instead of slacking off and making stuff for my etsy shop.
In my defence though, I started off with a class idea that didn't quite pan out, and since I liked the colours and had an inch or so done, I decided to complete it anyway.
And earrings, well, they don't take that long, and I had the beads out anyway for another class. Really I did.

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