Saturday, October 18, 2008

Shiny Things

I started this before SOAR, and it's languished this past week as I attempted to catch up on sleep (unsuccessfully) while making more forward progress on The Knitting Project Which Will Not End (but might soon, as yarn is becoming scarce).
Since most of the rest of the weekend will remove me from my beading table, and since I'm itching badly to work on new and different beading projects (as always, but the force is strong in me) I mustered up all the self-discipline available and got it done.

I so enjoyed the faux right angle weave that I used for the green necklace for the SOAR auction (wear it well, Rachel H, and thanks for your generosity!) that ideas have been buzzing. What I really wanted to do was make a shiny rope using 3mm metallic faceted beads, but I couldn't find what I wanted in The Stash (oh the horror: the stash is insufficient. There is a remedy) so I used larger faceted beads and pearls to make first a pendant:
And then a pair of earrings:

This size beads alone made a too-chunky rope, especially with the little gold seeds in the corners which were needed to hide thread, but added more stiffness than I was happy with.

I do hope to have enough time to make a gold-tone rope, accented with the lilac pearls and faceted beads, upon which to hang the pendant - the twisted rope, apart from being hopelessly the wrong colour, is kind of a cheap cop-out in my opinion.

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