Sunday, October 19, 2008

No More Colour

See the lovely sweater, photographed against a difficult background, knitted for the umpteenth time (yet further along than ever before)?

Notice the sleeve on the left, sleeve cap beautifully shaped, sewn in just so?

And how about the partial sleeve on the right?

There you have it.

I have a little more purple (that's what the main colour is, a more or less smoky purple), but that's slated for body-lengthening, which promises to be an odious but necessary task. Actually, I wish I had even more purple (I probably have enough for another inch) as the wide band really ought to sit rather lower on my hips than a mere few inches below my waist, but I have little choice due to yarn quantities. I'll have to undo the picked-up stitches (not cutting, as I NEED THAT YARN), and then knit downwards, doing something clever with the diagonal eyelets that currently start just above the bottom band.

But I have no more colours for the sleeve, except for the squiggle of mustard still attached to the partial. Sure, I could undo the finished sleeve, stop the shaping increases a couple of inches earlier, narrow the sleeve cap and re-insert it into the armhole, but that's likely to buy me at most a couple more inches on the partial.

I need more yarn.

I think the handspun stash might be deficient, though I'm pretty sure the unspun stash will yield something moderately useful, even if overdyeing is necessary. Even so, at best that will force a large partial undo of the finished sleeve so as to fool viewers into thinking that I'd planned on that funny-coloured yarn: "See? It's in both sleeves!"

Fortunately sleeves don't take all that terribly long, but I really was hoping to finish the damn thing yesterday or sooner.

On the plus side, the neckline is very flattering.

Small graces, eh?

[Edited to show you that yes, indeed, the stash comes through yet again, though I might break this up and spin only the pinky-purple sections, since for all its rainbow of colour, my incomplete sweater does not contain any teal.

But still, there is a real possibility that this can be completed].

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Cheryl said...

I'll be interested to see how you pull this one off, that's for sure.