Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I think I'm coming down with The SOAR Cold. Not loving the prospect. Using Zicam. Somewhat sceptical, as there's been no improvement since this morning, quite the contrary in fact.

I also have No Pictures Of Anything, which feels like a cop-out, since I use them to lure the Unsuspecting. No, I won't explain what I mean; I don't know, I just said it because it sounded good and dammit, I'm SICK.

SOAR was rather good for knitting. I have a body and most of a sleeve and I think I'll keep them. I may not have enough yarn though. It's always Something, isn't it?

The main thing that marred SOAR was the phonecall I received on Friday morning from my eighteen-year-old daughter telling me that she and four friends had been held up by a guy with a FREAKIN' GUN in the parking lot of her friend's apartment building in an area of town which I'd have thought perfectly safe. No one was hurt, but they lost everything. My daughter, the future world-famous photographer, had her first and only good camera stolen, as well as other incidentals like money, iPod, make-up, debit card and so on. Worth about as much as the deductible on the home insurance, naturally.

Not physically hurt, not dead, but understandably freaked out.

When I'm not at Death's Door, I'll take pictures of the fibre I dyed in Sara's class. She provided a skein of raw silk, which I think is the same weight as the skeins of raw silk I've previously dyed in her retreat sessions, usually on the last Saturday of SOAR like this time. Am I predictable or what? What, I think.

I also brought along rayon and rayon from bamboo and bamboo-silk and cotton-silk and this Cibacron dye indeed appears to bleed less than Procion MX, though I suspect that my bleed was due more to over-saturation than anything else. The rovings looked very shiny underwater, but less lovely once they were squoze. I'll report back with pictures once they are dry.

I think I need my dad's cold remedy: hot tea, lots of honey and lemon with a good glug of scotch or brandy. At the very least, it's bad for insomnia, and by that I mean that it's insomnia's enemy, in that it's sleep-inducing, which is sorely needed right here.


fibergal said...

Ah, the SOAR croup claims another victim.

Seriously, you are my knitting hero. I saw you rip more rows in one week than I got to knit all of last year. You are fearless and brave and that is what makes your knitting so wonderful. Well, that and your brain, of course. Creative and astonishing knitting.

Laurie said...

The cold does suck. It was running around like something viral.

That is scary bad for your poor daughter. She kept her head, and is safe, thank god.

Nothing works for colds. Zinc may shorten symptom duration. That's it. (Now it is in my sinuses. TMI?)

Amy said...

Sorry about the crud.

What you didn't say is that SOAR is even better for RE-knitting!

I was going to drop off one of the bulletin boards for you in the next couple days. Should I not?

kim said...

I heartily endorse your dad's remedy. Even if it doesn't kill the germs any faster, you will feel more comfortable. Oh, and drink plenty of other fluids - water, soup, juice, tea - you want to feel like you are a water balloon.

Hope you feel better soon

Cheryl said...

Airborne, baby! I've been taking it every day since I got back and so far no SOAR cold.