Sunday, November 1, 2015


Maybe it's just me, but I've been feeling as though I have no unstructured time anymore. 

Once I started on the floor, there was no stopping because a kitchen is a room that I need to be functional and a plywood underlayment with bits of sheet vinyl attached really doesn't make for a functional room. And it took far longer to remove the old floor than I'd anticipated - probably five times as long, so that cuts into free time.
 But I have to say that overall I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out, though I'm a little annoyed at myself in the one or two areas in which I fell short. There's a tiny gap just in front of the fridge, though in all fairness due to moving the fridge out of the way and protecting the cork tiles I'd just pt down I couldn't actually see what I was doing.

It's well-polyurethaned and feels good underfoot. It's smooth and yet the cork gives an appearance of texture. I like the slight variation between tiles - I noticed it as I was laying them but decided to just let them be placed randomly rather than attempting to impose some sort of order and I stand by my decision.

As you can tell, I still need baseboards - but that comes after painting the walls which comes after painting the cabinets which comes after doing the countertops, so I might be living with that for a while. Probably for longer than I'd like but everything remaining in the kitchen will be so much (physically) easier than the floor which quite honestly has left me in some discomfort.
And also? Turns out cork displays brightly-coloured splotch-dyed tights quite well. (That's a technical term by the way).

Next up: beading! I have deadlined looming!

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