Monday, November 16, 2015

Actual Beading

I know. 

And I'm teaching a whole bunch of classes at Bead and Button 2016! I'll post pictures later.

A bracelet which is a bracelet because I didn't feel like stitching enough of it to make a necklace, but it could be, really. 

I should make samples in all the variations but even though it stitches up quickly, the thought makes me a little queasy. And yet contemplation of a very complex necklace using cubic right angle weave which would probably take me about seventeen times as long just fills me with glee. I suppose it says something about me but honestly I'm not sure what.
 Sample for the class I taught on Saturday. I adore these Paradise Shine rhinestones and ye I'm never perfectly pleased with the colours I pick to put around them. The students seemed to like this one, but I remain unconvinced.
 This confection is a little strange but I think it works. Those marbled-looking things inside are actually two-hole bead studs and I suppose you can barely see them so some might wonder what the point is, but I enjoy the architecture of this motif AND I know I could link them together to make a bracelet or a necklace or even a very dramatic long pendant so I'm not unhappy.
No pictures but I've been doing more work in the kitchen which is only emphasising just how pathetic my woodworking skills are, though in part the blame lies in my meagre collection of tools. I have hand tools but sadly minimal hand strength, and I have less power tools than fingers on one hand, and I definitely don't have the ones that would have allowed me to watch Netflix all day rather than to over odd prices of wood.

Also to be fair, the guy at Lowes did a really bad job of making ONE CUT in a piece of wood: one end was a full quarter inch narrower than the other which combined with the lack of perfect right angles in my kitchen meant way too much shaving with my jig saw (the only power cutting tool I have) and trying to sand the nasty edge smooth.

Fortunately the wood I was cutting and joining will be filled and then covered with concrete so no one will know.

Except you of course.

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