Monday, May 25, 2015

Things I Made

I started this blog in large part because I wanted a way to encourage myself to keep track of the things I made, and to that end it's been quite effective, especially for beaded things. I've been pretty diligent about at least photographing my projects, even before they've actually been successful (and of course sometimes they never are), but certainly as soon as I have something that I neither plan to cut up nor set aside for more work.

Until a couple of weeks ago. Or more, I'm not sure I can keep track.

Beaded kumihimo has replaced knitting as my go-to keep-my-hands-busy activity, not because I love it so much, not because it's so very satisfying or tactile, but because it hurts to knit ad my hands do better with gentle activities to keep them lubricated. The hints that is, not the outside.

It's fine and a useful technique and excellent for doing something with the excessive quantity of lamp worked beads I've acquired over the years, the ones I can't seem to find a way to use with stitched seed beading (and no, stringing seems like a pathetic copout; not to mention it's over too quickly to enjoy it) but it turns out that most of the beaded kumihimo I do results in something perfectly nice that I have no need nor desire to keep for myself, except occasionally.
 It's not that these are my colours (pastels? I think not) or that this style of pendant rocks my world (no pun intended but I'll claim it, why not) but the stone is one I bought from Peri's stash sale and even though it's not a colour or shape or tone I associate with her, it's a little connection; a remembrance of sorts.

I braided the rope, stitched the clasp and wore it immediately, but somehow forgot to photograph until this morning.

What's that about.
In service to my preparations for Bead and Button (next week!) I finished a sample for a new kit and am crazily trying to get the last colour-way for this design stitched before I leave, but I've run into a bit of a snag: I don't like the colour of the fringe beads I've packed, there's nowhere to buy them here before I leave (and in time to finish stitching) and they may not get delivered in time.

We should all have such first-world problems, right?

And related to nothing I've said today and even though I didn't get any pictures at graduation (it rained and we rushed for cover. Lunch actually), I managed to get the kids to stand still for a moment before they both went home.

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Sara said...

love! the family photo. Gorgeous children and so tall! Congratulations to the graduate!

I also think that double sided spiral bead thing is magic.