Saturday, May 9, 2015


No not me, but the colours in this last of the class samples.
I use these bronze seed beads all the time, and in fact I think I hold back sometimes because it's not as though I don't own other colours which I love, it's just that this always seems right. Anyway I just bought two hundred and fifty grams of them, all at once, in a single large bag.  It feels like a commitment somehow, but I know it won't be a problem to use them up or anything.

I also love them with these rich reds, maroons, deep pinks and a touch of gold.

I think it might be my favourite colour way for this design. (Janus, if you were wondering. It has no back and no front, facing forward and backwards). While putting together the class samples, I found a much better (more efficient, easier, less complicated) way of connecting the ropes and the little components on the chain and with that, after making two complete necklaces in fairly short order, I can confidently say that it's actually a rather pleasant stitching experience.

I have designed pieces which had what I thought was clever construction (which often means that you don't have to keep needling through the same parts of the beadwork, filling the holes of the beads and creating potential for breakage) but which were uncomfortable or awkward or difficult to  learn, but I don't think this one's like that. I mean, unless you absolutely cannot with the cubic right angle weave - but I'm assuming you're OK with that.

I know I am.

So on the classes front (kits, supplies, instructions), I'm all good for Bead and Button. It's just the kits for Meet the Teachers that aren't quite all the way, but I'm really close.

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