Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I Sewed, That's What

There's something about traveling halfway across the world on an extremely long Tuesday (fifteen hours on top of the usual twenty-four) and then being at work for the remaining three days of the week.

It's doable, but I wouldn't recommend it.

I was functional and I didn't fall asleep at work (though during one extremely boring and entry-level piece of training for Those Who Have No Logic I really wanted to) and even though I was productive enough at work, at home I wasn't.

I'm not sure what I did last week actually.

Over the weekend I made a shirt. Jacket. Shirt. Top.
Moderately successful. The original pattern had humungous shoulder pads so I had to redraft the armholes and I altered the collar but wish I'd removed it or else entirely changed the neckline and I'm guessing that when I made this pattern the time before I was afraid it might be too tight so the seams must have been smaller because this one is snugger (but not snug. It's comfortable enough) than the one in my closet.

A bit too short though.

That would have been an easy fix, she said, eyeing the leftover fabric.

So on the plus side, sewing doesn't hurt my hands unless I have to cut something hard with scissors. I might be swinging back into Moderately Enthused About Sewing, especially because the bag was so successful, successful enough that after the vacation I didn't throw it on the pile of Things That Need Attention.

Also on the plus side, my sewing fabric stash would allow me to complete en entire (if slightly limited and heavy on the outerwear) winter wardrobe if the need arose.

I also made a few pairs of earrings which (oh, the horror) I forgot to photograph before taking them over to Amy for her sale - I sold one or two of the new pairs I think; the others are still on the board, safely folded away from cats.

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