Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fun with Math

I've been spending ages looking at pictures of super-cool-geeky-mathy things made on 3D printers, and I'm all inspired.  I want to make ALL THOSE THINGS (almost) out of beads, but the majority are either way too complex or else I've already made a gajillion icosahedra or dodecahedra or cubes or octacubes but it turns out I'd never made a hypercube.
Until now.

It's actually a bit wonkus, though you can't really tell. It was fine until I stabilized and stiffened it with the groups of three large beads in each corner and the shiny beads between the orange beads along the edges, so now the middle cube is squished and crooked.

Still: a hypercube, or more precisely, a three-dimensional rendering of a four-dimensional object.

I have a couple ideas concerning moebius strips and tetrahedra (better than the simple ones I've made before) and cinquefoils and a couple more shapes whose names I don't remember but which I've sketched out.  They may end up awful, but I almost don't care as I totally love being jazzed like this!

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