Saturday, February 8, 2014

Another Post About Beading

It's not as though I have any startlingly new insights or anything, but I did finish a couple of things.

Turns out it's pretty straightforward to add a rivoli to the slider beads I made last weekend.
 I'm not sure that this is the right pendant for this rope, but it needed a home, and this isn't horrible.
 The beads I used for this rope were totally confounding. There are four colours, all matte with golden linings. In the tubes, they look murky because you see the beads from a variety of angles with very few of them presenting the way they sit in a kumihimo rope: with the hole parallel to the visual plane. Turns out when they're all aligned this way, the lining of the beads takes over, and all four colours look golden with a somewhat greenish tint. The contrasts of the tubes of beads are lost this way, and also the Sludge Factor.
 I don't hate it, but it's not what I was after.

Replaced half a pair of earrings and made another that was promised, but I'm afraid it won't match perfectly with its intended dance partner. That's the problem with so many of the Czech beads: between small lots and dye lots, it's hard to replace colours that are finished.
 And the rivoli-filled wreath at the top of this post? I used the same basic element and made it into a cube instead.
I had to cut up the previous version because it was getting too awkward to stitch, but this one seems to have worked out just fine.

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