Sunday, June 16, 2013


I like finishing things, but even more, I like finishing new things.

Finishing class samples for a class I've already proposed and am just about to teach, or have recently taught - yeah, that's all very well and good, but finishing something like that gives me that almost uncomfortable feeling of virtuousness, like when I know I've been working out regularly. It's something I had to do, and I did it, and I'm glad (too happy a word), but it's not quite satisfying.

That's been the weekend in beading and knitting.
 Two-sided mini-pendant.
 Another class sample. Love the colours and it's not unpleasant in the making, but I still have an itch.
 Class sample from WEEKS ago.
 Small variations on this little shape. Progress because I solved one of the problems, but I can't be happy because of too damn much blue. Blue most definitely annoys me, especially today for some reason.
Variations on a theme. It's really not the same as the necklace above but yeah, kinda looks a lot alike, dunnit?

I need something new and exciting, not least because class proposals are due in three weeks and I'm running on fumes.

Oh, the knitting? I should trust my instincts. I didn't feel like figuring it out myself, so I found a pattern and as I worked on it I felt certain the decreases were coming too fast, but hey in the picture it looked nice on the model, so it has to work out, doesn't it?

Not. Really.

Hours of wasted knitting time, and it all has to come out and I have to figure it out anyway because this stupid pattern is crap.

No, it's not you, it's me: I really don't feel like I'm ready for Monday so soon again.

On the plus side the cat/pee issue seems to have been fixed.

Really? You want to know? OK then. She pees crystals which make her want to pee inappropriately, like in boxes that I'm unpacking, or on carpets, that sort of thing. Not the kind of crystals that I pay money to acquire and use in beadwork, the kind that require a ridiculously expensive prescription cat diet that I have to provide to both cats because if I try and feed them individualized diets in separate rooms with closed doors (I tried only that one time with the separate bowls of different food and no matter what, each wanted the other's food), both concentrate on talking to each other and getting all handsy under the door instead of eating and then later they're starving so they yell at me and frankly it's just too much pressure so they both get the pharmaceutical food and I bitch and moan about how I can't just get it at Target or Pet-something because of the prescription but I'll leave off for now because even I've heard as much as I can take for one sentence.

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Sara said...

but that sentence was funny!

Yes, late to the party, catching up!

And "getting all handsy under the door" was quite descriptive.

Yay! for the returned necklace previous-by-several posts. And yes, I believe the miscreant over heard you damning them to hell and repented.