Saturday, June 22, 2013

New But Not New

Well so I made stuff and it's new in the sense that it wasn't here before, but it's not a brand new spur-of-the-moment off-the-cuff design, never before seen by other eyes.

Not much anyway.
 I finished the sample for one of the November through January classes.

I made a sample for Tuesday's class. In doing so, I had a moment (more than just a moment actually) of something akin to panic.
 When I first came up with this design I made a pendant. Just a pendant, nothing spectacular, so it seemed that a better use of the motif would be in multiples instead of single, so I made a necklace which is now in the class samples case at the bead store.

In making said necklace I photographed most steps but not all, so in preparation for Tuesday's class, I needed to make no more than two medallions - and no less either, since the steps I had omitted to capture in pictures involve joining two medallions.

And that's when it happened.
 The design didn't work with different beads than were in the necklace.

Different colours, not different sizes.

It buckled and wouldn't lie flat.

I adjusted my tension, picked alternative colours, tried different finishes, but it just didn't work.
So I had to rework it slightly. Very slightly.

Course that meant I had to rephotograph that which was already photographed, but I think it's only fair since the original photos really are no longer representative.

Like I said, a moment or two of panic.

And three items to put in my Etsy shop come Tuesday evening. It's not all bad.

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