Monday, May 27, 2013

Dye More

You'd think I had all the time in the world to do whatever I felt like doing, and that no deadlines were in any way doing anything even remotely akin to looming. I've certainly been acting like it.
Which is not to say that I didn't make instructions for tomorrow's class, including a bunch of variations that seemed like fun. I did.

I also packed up the last of the kits for Bead & Button that were missing oddments here and there. Unless every class suddenly sells right out (only one class is close to full), I'll have plenty of kits for Meet the Teachers.
Also one or two new kits (not new patterns though), Ripples (above) and Kell (below) which I was originally slated to teach until they decided that they needed my classroom which in all fairness at the time had no registrations.
 I also finished these ziggy zaggy socks which were really fun to knit, the yarn being ideal if slightly hideous.
 Due to the clever angling of my foot in the picture as well as the convenient fact that photographing ones own feet, even with a self-timer, is a little constraining, what you can't see of my overdye job is the indisputable evidence that I did not stir the dyepot. I decided to go out to dinner with friends instead, and while the crockpot is perfect for kettle-dyed yarn, it is less so for overdyeing finished goods. My socks have Streaks of Dark.
 Eh, at least there's a chance I'll wear them this way; the heinous colours above, less likely.

I also overdyed the two balls of silk yarns from Thursday's post, and even though I know I added all sorts of dyes to the pot and even though the water ended up clear, neither is appreciably any different than before.

I also completed another almost-four kit-slings for Meet the Teachers (one is missing some parts) and unfortunately in the process realised that I lack wisdom in The Ways Of Painting CPVC because the black scratches off if you even glance sharply at it. Still though, they're quite functional if full of cat hair.

Almost a full week of work left and man I hope I can get the new air-conditioner installed because today was hot and humid and while the basement is delightful compared with the main level, any kind of cooking is right out, and even being very very still and not working up a sweat is still less than ideal.

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