Sunday, May 12, 2013


Really, it's not as though I'm this obsessive shopper or anything, in fact I do try to not go overboard and be realistic about Need versus Lust (taking into account such factors as Incredible Bargain, Limited Edition, Never To Be Seen Again, One of A Kind, and so on) and usually I do pretty well, but this weekend was a bounty (relatively speaking) of More Stuff.

My friend Peg who doesn't knit, weave, crochet, felt, spin or dye (just to let you know that she's not exactly well-versed in fibre) was in Peru and brought me back this gorgeous and huge handspun skein of alpaca.
 I went to the annual art fair at the sculpture park and picked up another mug by the same people who made my birthday mug from a few years ago. I think I should replace my crappy mug collection (although "collection" is too flattering a term since that implies intent and in terms of aesthetics, there was none. They'll be perfect as a starter set for my son's first apartment, whenever that is) with a set of lovely hand-thrown mugs.
At spinners' yesterday we were able to paw through the yarn and fibre collection of a knitter/spinner/weaver who is no longer able to use it.
There's an awful lot of silk in that pile (that will be overdyed) as well as plenty of Noro (that will not be) and this was after editing (I decided against two wonderful sweater lots).

I guess my birthday started two weeks early.

Apart from the small problem of where to locate this lot (it's about a garbage bag's worth in terms of volume, so not inconsequential) I'm not sorry.

My cat isn't entirely disapproving either.

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