Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Itchy No More

For now, at least, until the next bite (which already is begging for attention).
The genesis of this pendant lies in the marriage of a cubic right angle weave cube (I have one from years ago lying around) and the class I taught this month, a triangular cylinder with a rivoli on each of the three faces. It seemed to me that each open square face would be an excellent start to a bezel for a rivoli, so I started beading a cube.

Somewhat more than halfway through, the thread looking a bit too short to start another leg, I started playing around with the rivoli, some small fire-polished beads and fringe beads and very quickly had a perfectly lovely bezel, but by this time I was a little bored of the cube, although perhaps not so much; I might go back to it later.

There have been Meetings at work, and since I don't think I could get away with knitting in meetings (I'm no longer young enough for that to be in any way edgy, but am most decidedly of the age where people assume you must have an incipient grandchild if you haul out the knitting - oh please not yet!), I doodle.

I usually doodle beading designs or knitting designs, and this pendant was one of the variations of doodles that I doodled this week.

I like it very much, but it'd be a bitch to teach exactly as is, so it's just a rather nice pendant.

The next itch has already made its presence known, and the one after that too: both variations on this pendant.

They'll all share the same bezel technique though, as I'm falling in love just a little.

By the way, I just noticed today (no one actually mentioned it to me) that one of my Bead & Button classes was cancelled and replaced by a second session of Trivoli which is doing rather well, registration-wise.

I might need more supplies for kits for the classes, and I'd better get cracking on more samples!

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