Thursday, December 20, 2012


One little beaded bead, a dodecahedron. Kinda love the way that varying the beads makes it unrecognisable, just about.
 The second last sample for classes beginning in February.
I much prefer the small accents to the bigger ones. You can't see from the photo terribly well, but they alternate direction, which somehow charms me (it was happenstance rather than by design).

Here's a close-up where you can see it:
It's ziggy-zaggy, this-a-way and that-a-way.

Man, I haven't thought about Miss Osborn, my Standard Three teacher - that's Fifth Grade over here - in years. I was totally fascinated by the way she said "this-a-way" instead of "this way" (regarding the direction of spin of the earth about its axis), I don't know why. Apparently I started saying it for a while. I even invited her over for tea one afternoon after school. Years later my mother told me it was fairly excruciatingly awkward, because of course a ten-year-old doesn't exactly sit and make conversation: I left my mother to do that while I drew or played with something.

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