Sunday, September 16, 2012

No More Chairs

I think I'm winding down with the home decor, not so much because there's nothing left to do (I hate the stupid lace curtains in my bedroom), but because I don't adore doing it above all else, and that's what I was doing above all else and it's enough already.


I have been knitting, and eve though I've been ripping out, I've also been making progress, but it's just a mass of variegated green, nothing much to show for the effort.

Beading though, yields more to show.

I saw a picture of a not terribly attractive beaded collar that had an interesting edging, so I started stitching, thinking it would make a fairly pretty narrow bracelet.

Then I made another because I thought it might be fun to join them.
I quite like it, but I think the effect would be more interesting with less interesting twin beads (without iridescence and partial transparency), but I really couldn't spend too much time, as I was preparing for Tuesday's class.
The class is for these earrings, and as so often happens, even though I did photograph every step, I changed my mind about a few small details, so I needed to make (and photograph) them again.
 As usual, I made variations.

Smaller earrings with drops.
 A necklace using chatons (the faceted coloured things in the middle of each medallion) in a variety of colours.
 It turned out really well, especially with the rivoli in the centre, my favourite colour, Volcano which of course I was unable to photograph well. It has more pink and more yellow and blue than you might think and I haven't decided whether I'll keep it or not.

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